Implantology Consultation, Teaching & Certification

This is the site of Dr Ruud Hertel

Dr Hertel is a dentist and prosthodontist who graduated and trained in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Aken , Germany.

In Aken he also became an oral implantologist and can now look back on a career of 33 years during which he also published books and articles and gave presentations and courses worldwide.

Ruud Hertel has been part of the development team for several different implant systems and is a specialist for CE certification of dental implants / medical devices.

Dr Hertel now lives in the United Arab Emirates from where he works in the Middle-East, Europe and Asia

Based on the above Dr Hertel offers the following services

- consultation and help by integrating implantology in a dental clinic

- consultation and help by integrating implantology in a dental curriculum at an university

- consultation and visitation in a dental clinic to enhance the workflow and to upgrade the standards and protocols

- consultation and help by treatment planning and supervision / guidance during implant treatments in a dental clinic to gain more first-hand    experience

- Implant courses for individuals, clinics and universities

- consultation and help by development, design, manufacturing, certification, marketing and implementation of new dental implant systems

As all of these topics require an individual approach, I request you to get in contact  through email to discuss the possibilities and to receive a fitting offer for the services required.


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